The ‘Gänseliesel’ (Goose Girlis), a historical fountain erected in 1901, represents the most well-known landmark of the city of Goettingen.

  • Editorial Board

    The Editorial Board is the journal’s backbone. For the most part, it comprises of current law students at the University of Goettingen.

    Reviewing cited sources, acquisitioning new articles, organizing conferences and workshops, raising funds, technical support of the website and all other necessary tasks are run by this group.


    Isabel Kaiser
    Morgaine Jelitko
    Vanessa Schobek
    Managing Editors
    Navina Hasper
    Markus Meyer
    Carolin Jaquemoth
    Gesche Butenschön
    Juljana Battenberg
    Hilger Bielefeld
    Katharina Creemer
    Luca Fynn Duda
    Rieke Emtmann
    Henry Fermor
    Jasmin Evers
    Thore Ganse-Dumrath
    Jesko Gerken
    Lisa Glage
    Anna Gödde
    Philipp Hilpert
    Maximilian Heinze
    Jule Johannsen
    Lambert Kerres
    Fabian Kohansal
    Anna Maas
    Sarah-Jane Messerschmidt
    Julia Müller
    Christina Nyiri
    Ida Oks
    Daniel Polej
    Jennifer Reh
    Antonia Rust
    Nils Schlüter
    Philipp Schmitz
    Michel Schütt
    Elif Sener
    Fabian Shirani
    Victoria Stillig
    Paul Thiessen
    Anton Voss
    Lea Woiwod
    Jonathan Wrede
    Maide Zeybek


    Former members

  • Advisory Board

    The members of our Advisory Board, which has come to include professors and practitioners from around the world, provide indispensable advice on how to place GoJIL on the map of internationally acclaimed academic journals.


    Name Institute
    Prof. Dr. Kai Ambos University of Goettingen/Judge at the District Court
    Prof. Dr. Thomas Buergenthal George Washington University, former Judge of the International Court of Justice
    Prof. Dr. Christian Calliess, LL.M. Freie Universität Berlin
    Prof. Dr. Georg Nolte International Law Commission, Humboldt University of Berlin
    Prof. Dr. Angelika Nußberger, M.A. European Court of Human Rights, University of Cologne
    Prof. Dr. Andreas L. Paulus Judge at the Federal Constitutional Court/University of Goettingen
    Prof. Dr. Dietrich Rauschning University of Goettingen
    Prof. Dr. Walter Reese-Schäfer University of Goettingen
    Prof. Dr. Frank Schorkopf University of Goettingen
    Prof. Dr. Anja Seibert-Fohr, LL.M. UN Human Rights Committee, University of Goettingen
    Prof. Dr. Bruno Simma University of Michigan, former Judge of the International Court of Justice
    Prof. Dr. Peter-Tobias Stoll University of Goettingen
  • Scientific Advisory Board

    The Scientific Advisory Board consists of emerging scholars specialized in public international law who offer their immeasurable support in everyday challenges inherent to publishing. Their assistance and valuable reviews in GoJIL’s peer review process ensure the academic standard of the Journal.


    Name Institute
    Prof. Dr. Stefanie Bock University of Marburg
    Prof. Dr. Christian Djeffal Technical University of Munich
    Anne Dienelt, Maîtrise en Droit University of Hamburg
    Sué González Hauck University of St. Gallen
    Dr. Till Holterhus, MLE., LL.M. University of Goettingen
    Johann Leiss University of Oslo
    Matthias Lippold, LL.M. University of Goettingen
    Dr. Sven Missling University of Goettingen
    Dr. Annika Maleen Gronke (née Poschadel), MLE. Local Court Lörrach
    Jakob Quirin World Health Organisation
    Maja Smrkolj, LL.M. European Commission
    Dr. Ignaz Stegmiller University of Gießen
    Torsten Stirner University of Goettingen
    Dr. Tobias Thienel, LL.M. Weissleder Ewer, Kiel
    Assoc. Prof. Markus Wagner, J.S.M. University of Warwick


    Former members

  • Native Speaker Board

    The Board of Native Speakers is the third pillar in GoJIL's supportive structure and enables GoJIL to provide a complementary native speaker proofreading. The group consists of highly qualified lawyers who are specialized in international law, holding LL.M.s or equivalent degrees.

    Neela Badami
    Elisabeth Campbell
    Deepaloke Chatterjee
    Andrea Ewing
    Liam Halewood
    Rahul Menon
    Alexander Murray
    Paul Pryce
    Erik M. Tikannen


    Former members