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The Law and Politics of Indigenous Peoples in International Law

The Editors
The Editors

Philosophical Backgrounds and Theoretical Foundations

"By What Right?": The Contributions of the Peninsular School for Peace to the Basis of the International Law of Indigenous Peoples
Sílvia Maria da Silveira Loureiro
Romanticization Versus Integration?: Indigenous Justice in Rule of Law Reconstruction and Transitional Justice Discourse
Padraig McAuliffe

Indigenous Peoples' Right to Land and Natural Resources

Protection and Realization of Indigenous Peoples' Land Rights at the National and International Level
Katja Göcke
A Step Further on Traditional Peoples Human Rights: Unveiling the Key-Factor for the Protection of Communal Property
Giovana F. Teodoro, Ana Paula N. L. Garcia
Indigenous Peoples' Rights and the Extractive Industry: Jurisprudence From the Inter-American System of Human Rights
Efrén C. Olivares Alanís
Pascua Lama, Human Rights, and Indigenous Peoples: A Chilean Case Through the Lens of International Law
Gonzalo Aguilar Cavallo
"We Will Remain Idle No More": The Shortcomings of Canada's 'Duty to Consult' Indigenous Peoples
Derek Inman, Stefaan Smis, Dorothee Cambou

Indigenous Peoples' Right to Culture and Traditional Way of Life

Rights of Indigenous Peoples and the International Drug Control Regime: The Case of Traditional Coca Leaf Chewing
Sven Pfeiffer

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