The ‘Gänseliesel’ (Goose Girlis), a historical fountain erected in 1901, represents the most well-known landmark of the city of Goettingen.
Of Dark Clouds and Their Silver Linings: Crisis as Opportunity in the Economic and Social Rights Jurisprudence of the European Court of Human Rights
Caroline Omari Lichuma
The Editors
The Editors
The Challenges of Redressing Violations of Economic and Social Rights in the Aftermath of the Eurozone Sovereign Debt Crisis
Giulia Ciliberto
The Soft Touch of International Financial Regulation: Status, Flaws and Future
Niall O’Shaughnessy
The Evolution of the Prohibition of Genocide: From Natural Law Enthusiasm to Lackadaisical Judicial Perfunctoriness – And Back Again?
Julia Klaus
Perspectives for a New International Crime Against the Environment: International Criminal Responsibility for Environmental Degradation under the Rome Statute
Ammar Bustami and Marie-Christine Hecken
The European Court of Human Rights Through the Looking Glass of Gender: An Evaluation
Natalie Alkiviadou and Andrea Manoli

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