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Strategies for Solving Global Crises

The Editors


Global Governance of the World Financial Crisis?
Roman Goldbach, Thorsten Hasche, Jörn Müller, Stefan Schüder
The National Environmental Premium in Germany: A Rapid Reaction to the Financial Crisis at the Expense of Democracy?
Julia Becker, Marcus Höreth, Jared Sonnicksen
Pride and Prejudice: How the Financial Crisis Made Us Reconsider SWFs
Luca Schicho
The Independence of Domestic Financial Regulators: An Underestimated Structural Issue in International Financial Governance
Régis Bismuth
Yes, We Can (Control Them)! – Regulatory Agencies: Trustees or Agents?
Stefan Handke
South-South Regional Monetary Cooperation: Mere Myth or New Opportunity for Financial Stability?
Laurissa Mühlich
Storming, Norming, Performing – Implications of the Financial Crisis in Southern Africa
Franziska Müller
Who Guards the Guardians: Legal Implications for the Operation of International Financial Institutions in Times of Financial Crisis
Jakob Wurm
Dying a Thousand Deaths: Recurring Emergencies and Exceptional Measures in International Law
Maria Agius
An Unusual Suspect? Monetary Sovereignty and Financial Instability
An Hertogen
Effective Law-Making in Times of Global Crisis – A Role for International Organizations
Stefan Kirchner
The Snake and the Tail – Theory of Derivatives’ Regulation and the Asymmetry of the Global Financial Crisis
Mariusz Golecki
Regional Power Shifts and Climate Knowledge Systems in (Global) Climate Governance
Babette Never
Beyond the Financial Crisis: Addressing Risk Challenges in a Changing Financial Environment
Marianne Ojo
The Productive Semantics of the Crisis
Florian Süssenguth
Lending and Sovereign Insolvency: A New Criterion to Distribute Losses among Creditors
Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky

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