The ‘Gänseliesel’ (Goose Girlis), a historical fountain erected in 1901, represents the most well-known landmark of the city of Goettingen.

The Rise of Self-Determination Versus the Rise of Democracy

Cécile Vandewoude



This article challenges the traditional conception that the right to self-determination does not require a certain outcome. This article examines what restrictions international law imposes on peoples’ choice to freely determine their political status. This article concludes that the right to self-determination calls for the installment of a form of government which is based on the consent of the governed, is substantially representative of all distinct groups in the country and respects human rights. Regardless of these duties imposed on governments one may only conclude from state practice that it is not observed by many states. As such the rise of self-determination may not automatically be equated to the rise of democracy.


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